Médaille d'or PHS 2020

Laurélie de la Salle, Landscape Designer, who is attending the prestigious US PHS Philadelphia Flower Show [February 29 to March 8, 2020], has been awarded a gold medal for her garden, specifically designed for the occasion.

RIVIERA ALLEGORY showcases the unique opportunity to create a beautiful yet sustainable garden.  The garden is set on a rocky cape facing the Mediterranean sea, as a tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco, borne in Philadelphia, and to the theme “Riviera Holiday” of Philadelphia FLower Show 2020.

This scented garden is beneficial to pollinators, biodiversity, water-saving, and incorporates the successive plant fashions of the past 150 years introduced by garden enthusiasts on the Riviera.


« A landscape is a body that speaks out »

A day doesn’t go by without me observing the landscape in action from my Mediterranean eagle’s nest.
The landscape is a body that speaks out, that never stops moving and changing. Every season has its own revolution. The freedom of daylight that dies in the infinite delicacy of the night.
The beauty of the ethereal shades of the mist which stretch out over the hills in the morning, the lightness of the clouds floating on a sublime blue, or the pouring water that loosens from prodigious storms which springs from the ground, soft or furious flowing between rocks. Then finally we have these sovereign bodies, dressed in the essential and fine clothing that vegetation represents and which for ever change the universe before my eyes. They are the source that inspires my life. They are the orchestra that makes the Earth dance.

Laurélie de la Salle


The birth of a garden is based on several combinations between a plot of land, his owner and my knowledge.

The identity of the site by its location, its exposure and the nature of its soil will dictate the initial frame.

Then the customer’s personality, his desires, his imagination of the garden will infuse a rhythm. Is this a showcase place? A space to walk, dream and rest? A laboratory for enlightened amateur, or the reflection of collector soul?

The understanding of these different components, enriched by my sensitive approach of the site, will allow to assemble the living and the inert in a common becoming. A garden is based on the delicate balance between full and empty, the play of water and stone, shade and light, cameo of green punctuated with colors.

 Thus is how each and every one of my gardens develops its own personality, in a uniqueness which paints the picture of its owner.

Our team
testimonial-team (Demo)
Laurélie de la Salle

I started with a scientific background acquired at the Horticultural High School of Antibes then went to university of Luminy Faculty of Sciences in Marseille – France – expanded my academic education by integrating the ENSP of Versailles (National landscaping School).

In 1996, I graduated DPLG with the unanimous congratulations of the jury, under the direction of landscape architect Alain Richert, from whom I learned so much.

In 1997, I created my own landscape agency “Laurélie de la Salle Paysages”, in my sunny homeland of Provence.

Since then, I have created more than 80 parks and gardens, which most of them are private

Over the years, I have observed nature and I love it deeply. I have become more and more aware of current environmental issues, which has led me to use my knowledge and my experience to create environmentally friendly gardens.

The use of plants adapted to drought, natural pools, organic fertilizers, organic treatments and lawn alternatives is the cornerstone of all my projects.

I believe that sustainable development is not an option but an emergency.

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Lise Bauhardt

I started to study architecture, then obtained a degree in landscaping at the Mediterranean School of Gardens and Landscaping. Since 2004, I’ve been working as a freelance landscaper. I work mainly with “Laurélie de la Salle Paysages”, as an assistant for project development. I also deal with administrative and technical documents, from the creation of projects to allow their construction.

I also give conferences about seeds, gardening classes and organize for children visits of gardens. This allows me to share my passion for plants with a wider audience.

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Maéva Landréat

Since my early age, I have always been creative and good with my hands. Quite naturally, I turned towards Applied Arts for my baccalauréat. Afterwards, I studied at the Beaux Arts schoold in Versailles. I then obtained a certification in decorative painting, which allowed me to improve my skills in graphic design and decoration.

I am working with “Laurélie de la Salle Paysages” as a landscaping assistant. I draw plans, perspectives and sketches, and participate in the development of many projects. This gives me training on a daily basis to understand the various aspects of landscaping.

I also pursue independent projects as a graphic designer.

Dressing up a sloping landscape
Play ground
Top view
Land of contrast
Simply art
Water & bubbles
Musical plants
An extraordinary territory of expression

With its springs, its aridity, its seasons, its unique biodiversity and the softness of the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera offers plants a magnificent territory on which I can express myself and experiment with extraordinary gardens



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